This Moment in Time appears in blogosphere


Gail Taylor, who led the design and facilitation of This Moment in Time, and John Elkington, who participated, have recently reported their experiences with The Value Web in London.


Gail: “To me it was two days of practicing – together – how to explore, design, consider and collaborate our way forth into the new paradigm. In those two days we stepped into a different world. Many of the factors were the same, but the framing was very different and the thoughts and actions produced were fresh, unencumbered with the old.” Read Gail’s full blog …

John: “Very much liked Gail Taylor.  Among other things, we discussed Hari Seldon, the psychohistorian in Asimov’s Foundation series, and worked to collapse a 30,000 years of civilizational collapse into just 1,000 years.  Struck by the fact that the Canterbury Court business centre, where the event was held, used to be a radar factory.  At its best, what we are doing is evolving a new form of radar for our societies and economies.  Came away hugely energised.” Read his full entry …

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