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UNICEF is working to bring vaccines to the 20% of the world’s children who today lack them. Last November, a Value Web team designed and facilitated a three-day DesignShop in New York to build a technical consensus around changes to the Cold Chain needed to ensure that vaccines arrive at local health centers un-damaged by heat or freezing. The 65 participants came from UNICEF, WHO, the GAVI Alliance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, from academia, industry, and across the community of experts seeking to ensure that the right vaccine reach the right child at the right time and place, regardless of infrastructure and logistical challenges. While technology such as solar refrigerators and novel data capture tools will be essential to improving vaccine coverage, the real challenge is in re-thinking the broader systems which link these technologies with the people who use them, the processes these people employ, and the knowledge they leverage that will make the difference in the long run.

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  1. adinda says:

    Sounds fascinating! It would be nice to read more about the process, the challenges, and the final products of this event.

    I’m also curious to hear if and how local actors who are key to effective vaccine distribution and delivery will be involved in subsequent design processes at national and grassroots levels, and if there is any thinking about the strengthening of local/national delivery systems…

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