Contact The Value Web to learn more about our network, our facilitation team and the variety of events we offer.

There are a number of channels you can use to get in touch with us based on your location (or the location of your work) and your language. Please feel free to contact any member of the Executive Board or any of The Value Web Ambassadors listed below by phone or by email. If you are outside of Europe or the US, please feel free to contact a member of the Executive Board.

Executive Board

Svenja Rueger
Role: President
Location: Munich, Germany
Languages: German, English, French
Phone: +49 174 1869225
Email: svenja.rueger@thevalueweb.org


Alfredo Carlo
Role: Vice President, Europe
Location: Bologna, Italy
Language: Italian, English
Phone: +39 329 2224093
Email: alfredo.carlo@thevalueweb.org


Sita Magnuson
Role: Vice President, US
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Languages: English
Phone: +1 617 251 3087
Email: sita.magnuson@thevalueweb.org


Aaron Williamson
Role: Vice President, Canada
Location: Toronto, Canada
Languages: English, Japanese
Phone: +1 416 561 5067
Email: aaron.williamson@thevalueweb.org


Christoph Kellner
Role: Treasurer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Language: German, English
Phone: +49 178 6251199
Email: christoph.kellner@thevalueweb.org


Bill Burck

Location: Galien (MI), USA
Language: English
Email: bill.burck@thevalueweb.org


Tom Kehner

Location: Marietta (GA), USA
Language: English
Email: tom.kehner@thevalueweb.org


Ambassadors in Europe & the UK

David Christie
Location: London, UK
Languages: English, French and some Mandarin
Phone: +44 7973 728010
Email: david.christie@thevalueweb.org


Tanja Kerlo
Location: London, UK
Languages: English, French, German
Phone: +44 7788 747700
Email: tanja.kerlo@thevalueweb.org


Lucia Fabiani
Location: Rome, Italy
Languages: Italian, English, German, French
Phone: +39 338 9402280
Email: lucia.fabiani@thevalueweb.org


Ambassadors in the United States

Alicia Bramlett
Location: North Carolina, USA
Languages: English
Phone: +1 910 232 5070
Email: alicia.bramlett@thevalueweb.org


Jodi Engelberg
Location: Florida, USA
Languages: English
Phone: +1 305 898 1278
Email: jodi.engelberg@thevalueweb.com


Todd Johnston
Location: California, USA
Languages: English
Phone: +1 650 906 0067
Email: todd.johnston@thevalueweb.org


Past Board Members

Jodi Engelberg: President
Todd Johnston: President
Kelvy Bird: Vice President
Adrien Angliviel: Vice President, Europe
Patrick Frick: Treasurer



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