We design and deliver collaborative engagement for leaders and organizations around the world

We seek to facilitate and enable the emergence of entrepreneurial solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges

We provide tools, processes, and methodologies for working groups and meetings.

The Value Web seeks to facilitate and enable the emergence of entrepreneurial solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

We provide the tools, processes, and methodologies that allow diverse groups to:

  • engage in deep individual and collective learning,
  • effectively exchange ideas, experiences, and resources,
  • uncover and assemble the complexity inherent in the dynamic eco-systems that promote and enhance business for a better world.

Latest Posts


New Vision for Agriculture: 10 Years with the World Economic Forum

October 20, 2015

Every day, almost 1 billion people go hungry. We will only face scarcer resources and increasing need; projections place the world’s population at over 9 billion people by 2050, with nearly twice the current demand for food. Agriculture, the foundation of our global food system, requires a new approach. Feeding the world today, and securing …


KaBOOM! Playful City USA Leaders Summit

February 18, 2015

On October 23rd and 24th, our member Mike Fleisch delivered a session in Chicago for KaBOOM!, the national non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring all children get the balance of active play they need to become healthy and successful adults. KaBOOM! hosted its 2nd annual Playful City USA Leaders Summit, a program sponsored by Humana Foundation …


The Breakthrough Challenge

February 11, 2015

“So, you could call me optimistic and hopeful and probably just a little bit naïve, but I’m coming from the space that the best way to predict the future is to get out there and just do it yourself” – John Elkington, interviewed by Joel Makower (Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz Group) John Elkington is …

World Economic Forum 2015: The Logo

Sertig Ideas Lab | ideas in a nutshell

February 8, 2015

Imagine wondering at World Economic Forum in Davos taking notes during discover sessions and debates. How does it look like? Here you have it.   Preserving our common future / Oxford University             Rethinking global governance Mitigating climate change Preserving ocean ecosystems Governing cyberspace It is a collective responsibility involving …

Dealing with Disruption: Impression

Internet Governance and Dealing with Disruption

February 8, 2015

We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to help facilitate these conversations and, in our small way, contribute to improving the state of the world. Below you will find some key insights on two sessions at Davos.     Internet Governance / How can we keep “worldwide” in the web How can 7 billion people …

How Did We Get Here? Big History 101: Al Gore

Davos Expectations

February 5, 2015

On our journey home from Davos we all read several articles about the perceived outcomes, or lack thereof, generated by this gathering of 2,500 of the great, good, and not so good. These articles were mostly based on interviews with business leaders and politicians who have their own audiences to think of. Invariably these articles describe …